Nebula Oy

Domicile: Finland 
Y-tunnus: 2305424-7 
Services: Data communication and data center services

Amazon Web Services 

Domicile: Finland, Ireland, Germany 
Services: Cloud services for data storage and scalable virtual servers

21Grams Ab

Domicile: Sweden 
Org.nummer: 556666-3729 
Services: Printing and mailing services FI, SE, NO, DK

Postnord Strålfors Oy

Domicile: Finland 
Y-tunnus: 0115061-7 
Services: Printing and mailing services FI

OpusCapita Solutions Oy

Domicile: Finland 
Y-tunnus: 2846825-4 
Services: Printing and mailing services FI, Scanning services FI 

OpusCapita Solutions AS

Domicile: Norway 
Org nr: 919 779 446 
Services: Scanning services NO

Iron Mountain Sweden Ab

Domicile: Sweden 556508-7946 
Services: Scanning services SE

mySupply APS

Domicile: Denmark 
CVR 25 89 43 75 
Services: Connection to the national einvoicing infrastructure