APIX Laskumappi - Send and receive all of your invoices online

APIX Laskumappi is an easy way to send 100% of your invoices. Just click "Send" and your invoices are delivered to your customer either as e-invoices or via mail - The way your customer want's to receive them.

It is equally as easy to receive all of your invoices into APIX Laskumappi.

When all your invoices are in one place, it is easy to stay organized and you know, whether an invoice was sent or not. You can also browse the invoices online and send copies to your bookkeeper.

APIX Laskumappi

Features that make invoicing easy


When you send an invoice, Apix looks for the up-to-date e-invoicing address for your customer. If no address is found, the invoice is sent via regular mail.

On average, Apix users get > 90% invoices sent as e-invoices in Finland.

The figure is this high since Apix maintains it's own address register in addition to using public registers.

Product and customer registers
Circulate and approve
Credit information

Sensible pricing

APIX Laskumappi is free to take into use. There are no monthly fees. Pay only for the sent or the received invoices.

To start sending invoices, buy credit ("virtual stamps") in Apix web shop. See the pricing here.


Connect your ERP or finance software

If you have an ERP or a finance software, it is easy to connect them into Apix invoicing platform. Send and receive invoices within your system. No need to log into APIX Laskumappi!

Start now!

You can start sending and receiving invoices immediately after the registration. Just remember to buy credits from the webshop.

Your new invoicing addresses will be delivered to you right after the registration has been processed.

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